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Behold the cover for the new single “Red”, out on iTunes on August 10th! Track listing for “X” has also been revealed:   01. Love Runs Away 02. Tonight 03. Black 04. If You Love Me The Morning After 05. Red 06. I Love The Darkness In You 07. Borderline 08. I’m Ready 09. I […]

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We already knew that Stockholm kills, and now this truth has proven itself once more – The 69 Eyes are currently in studio for their 10th studio masterpiece (hence the title “X”) in Sweden’s capital! This time they’ve paired up with the Swedish production team On The Verge to get that special Scandinavian flare back […]

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As Jyrki 69 already took to Twitter about the new album (and also about a new song called “I Love The Darkness In You”), the fans are getting more and more restless and eager to hear the new, yet trademark dark melancholy that surrounds a perfect The 69 Eyes album. In order to make the […]

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