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On New Year’s Eve HIM, At The Hollow and DJ Jussi69 turn Tavastia & Semifinal into the garden of diabolical love. For one magickal night we are promised a coming of age like no other, a Sweet Sixteen party bittersweet & electric. For it will be the sixteenth time that HIM leads the New Year’s […]

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Multimedia added to Specials! Live version of “Forever More” & 2 pieces of “Brandon Lee” from The 69 Eyes performance on Helldone festival, as well as couple of videos from Negative and Bloodpit now added for your vampiric enjoyment! More things you cannot resist: The 69 Eyes @ Helldone 2005 review and in the section […]

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You’ll find photos in the gallery section (LIVE + HELLDONE 2005) as well as in “from Bosnia with goth…” under fan stuff, and the second part of the update is on its way! I had the best fuckin’ time in Helsinki! I wish to greet and thank everyone I’ve met during my stay there, especially […]

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