Darkness 69 On May - 8 - 2011

Spring has been in a full decadent swing, as Helsinki Vampires,

along with their Swedish sleaze rock counterparts Crashdïet and

Hardcore Superstars, have been touring around Europe and

bringing a seducing mix of various rock anthems to European

vampires en masse! The Bosnian batcave is bringing you photo galleries

from all three shows in Italy and the last show of the tour in Stockholm!
Just click here, with the reviews following right here!

The tour has ended, but the guys are far

from resting, as you will see by the rest of the news:


(photo source: The 69 Eyes Twitter)

Proving once again his überhumanitarian nature, Jyrki 69

teamed up with Tarja Turunen and recorded the title

“Underneath”, from her latest album “What Lies Beneath”, for UNICEF.

Here’s what Tarja had to say about this collaboration and goal:

“Underneath has a very important message. I wish it gives you courage,

strength and comforts you when times are hard. I am delighted to sing

the song with Jyrki whose voice gives a new depth to my song.

I deeply hope that all my dear fans could take part with us and Unicef

in helping people that really need it now. Thank you for being there.”

Jyrki’s words follow:

“For fans, for the world – I hope you realize that nobody is alone.

Enjoy and share the feeling with us and those who are in the need

of our help. Let the song reach your soul and help us reach our goal.

Thank you.”

The song is now available for download for only 1 EUR – all proceeds go

to UNICEF in helping children affected by war and turmoil. Download it here:


Jyrki and Tarja didn’t stop at the end of the studio recording –

they also sang “Underneath” on “Idol Gives Back” (Idols Tekee Hyvää)

special concert broadcasted by Finnish MTV3 on Easter, April 24th.

Here’s how this wonderful song sounded live!

(news courtesy of UNICEF & www.the69-eyes.com)

Also, here’s a link to an interview with Jussi, taken in Cologne:

(news courtesy of www.the69eyes.org)

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