Darkness 69 On November - 22 - 2013

BX7hjKiIMAAEf2D.jpg largeThe recently formed supergroup The 69 Cats, featuring Jyrki69 (The 69 Eyes), Danny B. Harvey (Rockats, Headcat) and Chopper Franklin (The Cramps) will debut their first EP this Monday on Cleopatra Records!
It has been Jyrki’s idea for a long time: “”No matter where I was Djing around the world, whether it was a Goth or metal night, I always spinned some 50’s rock’n’roll, The Cramps or The Stray Cats in the last part of the night – and drove everybody crazy and filled the dance floor. But it’s always the same records, there’s no new happening band.”

The band covered the iconic song “Bad Things” from the series “True Blood“, which also serves as the Eyes’ intro song on their shows, as well as “Black No. 1” from Type O Negative. Head on below to listen to excerpts of these songs:

Everyone has been reporting on this exciting new dark rockabilly band – from Blabbermouth to the horror webzine Bloody-Disgusting – way to go, fellas! They will showcase their tunes soon – The 69 Cats will perform at SXSW 2014 (March 11-16) in Austin, Texas.

darkmunichfestMeanwhile, The 69 Eyes will also head down to some cool places next year! Check out the newest additions in tour – including the Dark Munich Festival in April!

Jussi69 has been filling the news in Finland lately – he’s always been a showman, and now with the new role as a judge in Finnish “Idols”, the media has been raving about him all over again. Check out these two links  on Ellit.fi and Ilta Sanomat on his style, reminiscing about the band’s beginnings and more!

“Lost Boys”, the legendary track of their album “Devils” in 2004, has made the list “Horror Movies That Inspired Songs” on Loudwire – check out the entry!

(photos courtesy of the69cats.com and Official The 69 Eyes Twitter)

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