dj3Both members of The 69 Eyes from time to time know to please their fans

(and other gothic and metal music fans) with their DJ nights in some of the european cities.

┬áThis fact isn’t surprising especially if we remember that Jyrki was a DJ in Tavastia club in Helsinki,

where he still sometimes makes a real dark ambient. Also, several times a year besides Helsinki,

in his DJ role he visits Paris and Vienna, so it’s quite possible that in the future DJ Jyrki comes to Croatia and BiH too.

Newest music bites he spread even in USA!

Some of the dates and places he performed follow:

22. 03. 2003. Mautners, Vienna

31. 01. 2004. The Monastery, Vienna

19. 03. 2004. The Monastery, Vienna

25. 01. 2005. Black Dog Metal Bar, Paris, France

21. 04. 2005. Mephisto, Madrid, Spain

23. 04. 2005. Undead, Barcelona, Spain

1. 07. 2005. Cosmobar, London, Great Britain

5.11.2005. Bacci, Gamla Stan, Stockholm, Sweden

21.04.2006. Rocks, Stockholm, Sweden

27.04.2006. Cinespace, Hollywood, CA, USA

29.04.2006. Bar Sinister, Hollywood, CA, USA

It would be a shame to miss such a DJ night here, right?

That also goes for DJ nights of The 69 Eyes drummer, who sets his DJ shows

mostly in some of the german clubs. So he did a Goth’n’Roll DJ Show

in Skandia Bar in Hamburg on 14.03. and 25.04.2003., then on 13.06. together with Spiha singer Henry Lee Rock

(now known as Henry Lee Roots from the band Sonic Roots),

and also on 13.12. of the same year, when along Skandia bar he also visited Halford in Berlin (18.12.2003.)

and Herford in Kick. DJ Jussi in his DJ sets plays songs from Marilyn Manson,

Spiha, The Cure, but mostly prefers finnish gothic scene (that means HIM, Sentenced…)

A couple of months before (October 2003), he played 3 DJ nights for the fans in Italy:

10. 10. 2003. in Milan’s Transilvania,
11. 10. 2003. in Reggio Emilia ,Transilvania
12. 10. 2003. in Florence, Transilvania

As well as in 2005:

7.12.2005. Star City, Rastignano (Bologna)

8.12.2005. Transilvania Live, Bassano Del Grappa

On The Rocks club in Helsinki also had DJ Jussi 69 as a guest that year,

and let’s hope that in the future he follows hardworking DJ Jyrki’s example, and that they both…migrate south ;)!

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