As other members of The 69 Eyes, Bazie has also worked outside his base band. But not as a DJ, but as a producer for the legendary Finnish band Harlots Of Beyond. He produced their album “The Sphinx”, released in 2001, as well as “Lake Of Faeries”, which came out in 2003.

Harlots Of Beyond started playing gigs in Helsinki back in 1984, and recordings took place in Sonomania Studios in Barcelona, Spain in 1987. Their latest ‘gothadelic’ work “Lake Of Faeries” embodies their exceptional music style, which the fans could feel live in Helsinki and Copenhagen last year, as well as this year in venues in Finland, Germany and Austria.

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┬áIn May this year Bazie also worked together with Hannu Leiden (WolfGang Records) in Seawolf studios on a new album by Barbe-q-Barbies, a young all-girl rock/garage band from Helsinki. Three tracks, “Don’t Look At Me”, “Spell” and “Escort” can be heard on their official website:!

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