MastersOfRock2013_14After enjoying the winter leg of the „I Know What You Did Last Summer“ tour in February, dancing with our fellas in Bratislava and having such a blast in Vienna, it was time for another blood ritual, this time in the heat of summer. Mind you, it has been more than five months since the last encounter with the Helsinki Vampires, hence another great show was much desired.

So, the standard Bosnian/Austrian Vampire Team (we met later on with the Croatian vampires as well) travelled for over eight hours to arrive to Vizovice, a town not easily reached by standard means of transport, such as train. Upon arriving to the festival site – another problem – since we had different passes, I had to go all the way to the other entrance to pick up the photo pass, while my partner in crime Claudia and a fellow fan Ivana from Belgrade, who joined us in the train, went through the first entrance. Just perfect! In the end, I just grabbed a cab and drove to the second entrance. After waiting for the bracelet for another 10 minutes or so, I was finally on the way to the Ronnie James Dio stage and managed to see a bit of the Prong show. After these American legends, it was even more game-on mode!

  MastersOfRock2013_65The 69 Eyes show started not long after 7 p.m., with the now traditional intro (the one that replaced „Cry Little Sister“) and definitely suitable in all aspects – „Bad Things“ – the soundtrack music to the famous vampires series in the US  „True Blood“. Noah Everett’s suave voice provided a nice groove and I found myself singing each verse in anticipation of the start. Then the fog came, and after it – the Eyes! The setlist was rich and diverse – from the classics such as „Gothic Girl“ and „The Chair“, over the newer stand-alones, such as „Perfect Skin“, all the way to the newest offerings in the form of „If You Love Me The Morning After“ and „Love Runs Away“, which started the show. Everything was there: the black leather, the sunglasses, fierceness and incredible, dark, sensual rock’n’roll! I was pleasantly surprised by the return of „Wasting the Dawn“ to the setlist – this song is so powerful and epic that it brings an extra amount of dark energy to the entire performance and makes it simply unforgettable. No words are there in any language to adequately describe how quickly the heart starts to beat in the rhythm of Jussi’s drums at the start of this song. The night, darkest July… „Brandon Lee“ was charged in the same manner, delighting me again, as well as the rest of the audience which reacted great to each song. „Feel Berlin“ was also one of the highlights of the entire fucking festival, not just the Eyes’ show, along with a great intro by Jyrki who said that it doesn’t matter which city is it, as long as you „feel it“ (though I’m paraphrasing here, brain is off by default at an Eyes show) – and Vizovice felt it alright! „Lost Boys“, the anthem of every 69 Eyes fan and Helsinki Vampires themselves, closed a perfect set and left us all wanting more. Just as a great performance ought to do.

MastersOfRock2013_38Masters of Rock was another great experience, although there are some negative remarks too. First of all, The 69 Eyes deserved a better time slot. I’ve got nothing against Devin Townsend or any of the other headliners, but they should have been front-and-center that night. If in doubt, read the paragraph above. The other thing is that the festival needs better organisation, logistics and people who are better equipped to handle international press. Very rude security at the entrance to the photo pit was so reminscent of the Balkan versions we’ve got here sometimes, that I was almost prompted to just shout at them, because maybe they’d understand that. The positive sides were the people who attended the festival, nice merch staff (and some great stands, such as the airbrush one we wanted to try!) and the overall idea of the festival.

Even though train (non-existent) connections and travel difficulties prevented us from attending the signing session, the tour manager and Bazie came to the rescue, so I was able to meet with him again and chat, see the rest of the guys and bring something special for all the Bosnian vampires out there – a message from Bazie in celebration of our eight years online! Bazie is always there and the fact he saved the day makes me appreciate him even more. Seeing them live, plus all the perks of running this website have marked my life tremendously and I can’t wait to repeat it all over again. So, now the only question is: how the hell can I get to Romania in October and do it all in 48 hours, because a gall has to work as well? Sweet torture – planning for another The 69 Eyes show!

Special thanks to Markus Jakob/Nuclear Blast, 69 tour manager Marko and, of course, Bazie! Goth’n’roll, baby!

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