Just a few days after following the tour across Italy, the last day of the Dark Decadence tour came, ending appropriately in Stockholm, the ‘birth place’ of Crashdïet and Hardcore Superstar, otherwise known as co-travellers (and co-sufferers, considering the tour buses breakdown) of The 69 Eyes on the mentioned tour. Luckily, the problems with the tour buses haven’t continued, and so all the boys came to Stockholm and did the rehearsals in time. Together with my vampire sister Ivy, with whom I went on this trip, I had an opportunity to shortly attend the Crashdïet rehearsal, before we went to backstage so she could do an interview with one of the members of Hardcore Superstar. In a casual conversation with Vic, the giutar player, we found out he’s actually from Bosnia, which was an information totally unbeknowst to me until then! Interview got a relaxed, ‘neighbourly’ atmosphere with it, and in the end the Bosnian folk had to take a picture too! (btw, the interview is available at http://venia-mag.net/interview/a-i/hardcore-superstar-vic-zino/?lang=en)
After the interview, we went to the front entrance of the Circus, an interesting building in a bit far part of Stockholm (which is, despite that, like made for walking), slightly shocked with the order of the band performances – The 69 Eyes go first, and at half past seven in the evening at that! As soon as the door opened, as soon as we went in, the True Blood theme started! Unfortunately, this concert was probably the shortest on the tour, with only 7 songs (Devils, Never Say Die, Perfect Skin, Sister of Charity, Dead Girls Are Easy, Brandon Lee and Lost Boys), so the dominant impression of the gig is – absolutely too short! Later in a coversation with Bazie, he revealed to me that they wanted to give Stockholm to home bands, therefore the set was short and moved to the beginning. Nevertheless, it was a dream seeing and feeling the 69 magic they spread on their shows every time. A special treat at the end of the Hardcore show was seeing all members of all three bands coming out and performing together, while the audience became totally excited, and I remembered that they do it always actually (I had the luck of attending the end of the Angels tour with Wednesday 13 and Maryslim 4 years ago in Berlin).
Europe became dark and decadent in its totality, and we, brimming with impressions, headed tomorrow several thousands of kilometers back home (thanks for everything, Ivy!). There were some indications in the aforementioned conversation that the Eyes will be on a couple of summer festivals, so we fought against sadness due to short meeting and parting with the hope of a meeting soon again, somewhere in Europe. Until soon, darlings!

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