Darkness 69 On May - 14 - 2014


This summer, New Orleans publisher Dark Notes Press will conclude the graphic novel trilogy featuring the history of Helsinki, Finland-based gothic metallers THE 69 EYES in the third part of the series Helsinki Vampires. The new comic book will premiere on May 17 in New Orleans at Fangtasia IV — the yearly vampire event co-produced by THE 69 EYES singer Jyrki 69 and series co-writer Kurt Amacker. This year’s event features not only the release of the new comic, but a headlining performance by Jyrki 69’s rockabilly side project, THE 69 CATS—featuring Danny B. Harvey (The Headcats) and Chopper Franklin (The Cramps).

Pieced together from a secret story hidden in six of the band’s songs, and certainly confirmed from hints dropped in countless articles and quotes, Book 3 concludes the story of the tragic romance that befalls the vampire Jyrki and his lover, Christina Death. From the battlefields of the Thirty Years War to the raucous punk scene of Los Angeles in the late 1970s, Helsinki Vampires culminates 350 years of history and ends with the formation of THE 69 EYES.

Jyrki 69 commented, “No tombs left unturned and no virgins left intact—Kurt Amacker is back in black with the new graphic novel from THE 69 EYES! The third time’s a charm with this one. ‘Goth n’ comics?’ You got them, made in the South!”

The final issue follows Jyrki as he travels to New Orleans to save Christina Death from a downward spiral of drugs and suicidal behavior. But, he has unknowingly left a trail. And, a clan of ancient fanatical vampire hunters has followed it. The tragedies that follow will bring together Jyrki 69, Jussi 69, Bazie, Timo Timo, and Archzie with all of the melancholy and Gothic fire that has driven the band for over 20 years.

Amacker stated: “This is it. We’re finally here. It’s been a long journey, but I think the fans are going to love this issue, because it really ties up the band’s story at the end. Now, go back and read the first two—or pick them up at Fangtasia!”

The series includes storytelling by Kurt Amacker (Dead Souls, Tad Caldwell and the Monster Kid), with Marc Moorash (Garbanzo Literary Journal). Artists include Drake Mefestta, Ulises Carpintero, Enric Simon, Montgomery Borror, and Tim Lattie.

Amacker and Jyrki 69 will be on hand to sign copies of the comic at the Fangtasia IV event in New Orleans at One Eyed Jacks on May 17th. Preorders are available at the event website on the Merchandise page, and fans in attendance can pick up their copies at the event.

For tickets and information, visit www.69eyes.com, www.fangtasiaevent.com, www.oneeyedjacks.net, or www.kurtamacker.com.

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