Darkness 69 On September - 11 - 2013

lostwithoutloveAs Jyrki69 announced today over Twitter, a new song by The 69 Eyes is coming out soon, titled¬† “Lost Without Love“. Jyrki wrote the lyrics and it expresses some very personal experiences he has in common with the drummer Jussi69.¬† “The music became more approachable, and you can easily identify with the lyrics,” says Jussi about the recently released album X. “We’ve always tried to create a complete song, which is impossible to achieve. In the last 25 years, ‘Lost Without Love’ is the closest to it. I’m very proud of it,” adds Jussi.

The new song will be released on the upcoming compilation album “The Best of Helsinki Vampires”, which comes out on November 1st.

For more info, visit the MTV3 news (in Finnish, the photo courtesy of the site).

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