Darkness 69 On May - 11 - 2015

Darkprince_JussiKnown for his ventures outside of the band (DJing, radio hosting), Jussi 69 will now open a bar in Helsinki! The name of the bar will be “The Riff”, while the location is in central Helsinki, at Iso Roba 3. It will open its doors on Wednesday, May 13, and as per Metal Underground, “The bar is designed to function as a fresh and comfortable living room for the rock-loving population. Music and sound system selections have been done with particular care.”
Jussi will open The Riff with Veikka Moilanen and Oskari Kovalainen, his partners and well-known faces from the Helsinki bar scene. Here’s what Jussi commented on the venture: “I have toured excessively at rock clubs from Osaka to Texas and back. I feel I understand what makes a bar work and where I enjoy myself. Owning a bar has been my longtime dream, and I have been planning this for quite some time with my colleagues. Now we have found the perfect location in the heart of Helsinki. ‘The Riff’ is cool without being snobbish. It is the perfect place for chilling at a stylish patio or partying till the break of dawn – I would like to do both! At ‘The Riff’ you hear the best playlists in the city and the drinks menu contains only top-notch picks.
The Riff Opening Party will be held on May 13 from 6 pm till 8 pm, after which the bar will be open to public. The bar will be open every day from noon till 3.00 in the morning.

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