Darkness 69 On September - 15 - 2006

Helsinki calling again – Jyrki’s new post on on their official myspace blog!
He will be DJing in Bar Sinister again, tomorrow, on Saturday, the 16th of September!
Quite an opportunity for the American fans to celebrate the US release of
“Framed In Blood – The Very Blessed Of The 69 Eyes” CD and “Helsinki Vampires” DVD (thru Cleopatra Records),
and a great news for German fans and any other who can come,
because he announced another DJ visit to Germany as well!

Some excerpts from Jyrki’s post:
Meanwhile: The 69 Eyes are still in the studio. The first single from the upcoming album ‘Angels’
will be the infamous ‘Perfect Skin’ and it’ll be released in November thru Virgin/EMI.
The single will have also 3 live tracks recorded at the Whisky A Go-Go in Hollywood in last March:
‘Devils’, ‘Christina Death’ and the Ramones cover ‘I Just Want to Have Something To Do’.
The video of ‘Perfect Skin’ will be directed by Ralf Strathmann and it’ll be filmed in L.A. soon.

The album is coming out so fucking cool. My favourite track at the moment is ‘Frankenhooker’.
Or the title track ‘Angels’. Or…The album will come out in January 2007. Worth waiting babies.”

Zombie Love will finally be out next week, and as we already reported,
Jyrki will be a guest at the Helsinki comics convention on Saturday 23rd,
so anyone that will go there, be sure to say hello and give him a kiss;)

“Route 69”, Ville Juurikkala’s photographic journey with The 69 Eyes will be published in October,
and it’s at first only in Finnish – to order, go to Like Publishing.

“What else is coming up? Well, we’re still in the studio, I’m going to Africa,
most likely coming to DJ in Germany soon, will do a photo shoot for my friends’  Nocturnal Models’
calendar in Stockholm, oh and have I mentioned that I will be featuring on the upcoming album of Maryslim?
I’ll let you know more pretty soon…

Fuck it, I just gotta go now.
From Helsinki,


+ We have a very interesting new link in our fan links!


Many thanks to Danica who created this page for The 69 Eyes in Serbian Wikipedia! And on cyrilic!

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