Darkness 69 On January - 9 - 2006

You’ll find photos in the gallery section (LIVE + HELLDONE 2005)
as well as in “from Bosnia with goth…” under fan stuff,
and the second part of the update is on its way!

I had the best fuckin’ time in Helsinki!
I wish to greet and thank everyone I’ve met during my stay there,
especially Claudia, Alexandra (see you on Amphi!), Dee (Ricar rules!), Tom & Corinna (lieb’ euch!),
Carlos, Mira and Maria (thanks for saving me the spot!), Judith, Marlene (16 HorsePower yeahh!),
Arttu, Andy, Kath, Holly, Max, Kia, Mimi, Francesca, Jen, Gwen, Shelly, Andrei, bunch at the hostel,
cute bartender at “Lost & Found”, kind Finns,DJ from On The Rocks, Alexi from the band who performed there ;),
and everyone else I haven’t mentioned this time…and a big apology
to that cab driver (Finlandia vodka – to avoid for a while!)!
Very special thanks and greets to Jay from Negative and Sir Christus
and Matthau Mikojan! Negative and Bloodpit rokkaa!!!

And of course, thank you guys for the fantastic show and for being such a cool pack of vampires!!!
See you again on Helldone!

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