flyer_hu_new1Hellsingland Underground official album release party in Bosnia & Herzegovina!
Friday, 14th March 2008, “Cubano”, Velika Kladuša, BiH
from 20:00h until dawn!

Feel the northern comfort of this excellent 70’s style jam rock band from Sweden! Hellsingland Underground is a band formed by Charlie Granberg in 2006, who is a renowned Swedish illustrator and video director, and it’s influenced by such artists as the Allman Brothers, Thin Lizzy, Neil Young… Drawing unfailing inspiration from his hometown Ljusdal, its people, countryside and everything else that marks it unique, Charlie and his bandmates Mats, Martin, Patrik, Mathias and Peter (most of them involved in other bands and projects in Sweden, such as Maryslim, Sideburn etc.), give a specific spirit to their sound, while taking you on a trip through memories and places seemingly long forgotten. Both nostalgic and vivacious tunes with a touch of wickedness, harvested from a legend of Satan coming to Hällsingland (from it comes the name of the band as well) and alluring young people with his violin into dancing to their death. In a way, this album release party will be the first “seduction” of young Bosnian people by Hellsingland Underground, and a first step to bringing them to Bosnia!
Exclusive listening of their debut album and a couple of surprises await you on the party, so be sure to come, listen to some great music and celebrate the release – Bosnian style!

Photos from the party:

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