plakat_gothnrollpartybigThe first ever promotion of a release by The 69 Eyes in Bosnia and Herzegovina happened in Bihać, city located in the far Northwest and one of the current cultural hotspots, providing much needed awakening in alternative music, culture and lifestyle of this country.

Promo party for “Goth’N’Roll”, the already infamous box set by this cult Finnish band, was just the thing. Set in the concept of a metal/HC/dark electro/punk listening event, it pierced all these music genres with a selected part of the songs from “Blessed Be” and “Paris Kills” (representing the albums released in the box set), as well as a DVD projection of “Helsinki Vampires”, right down to the new documentary “Bat Habit” about the life and times of The 69 Eyes.

It would be an understatement to say the crowd just “liked” it. Drawing both younger and older generations of Bosnian youth, this release represented a real gothic rock candy for those new to it, as well as those already hooked on its delicious raw taste. And let me tell you, it was just delightful to see a young 69 army forming right before my eyes! Girls and boys enquiring about the band, albums, everything, downright hungry for this kind of music. Few of them went home with the band’s calendar (courtesy of EMI for this party), while we who are already in a tight grip of goth’n’roll could but smile, knowing this promotion did just what it was supposed to do.

It couldn’t have been a better way to celebrate’s fourth year, and I’d like to thank everyone who made this special event possible, particularly: Faerie Fee, for her continued support and love for this band and my site, and for her work on the party, Izzy for his hard work on this party, Ismet from Kino “Una” for providing our perfect setting! And of course, Anel, Deno, Sarah, Dina and many others who were there and rocked 69 style! Fangs, people!
Special thanks goes to EMI, and of corpse, to my darlings The 69 Eyes!

Darkness 69

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