Darkness 69 On August - 5 - 2015

11849867_1624865211134203_1310137010_nFresh into the The 69 Cats’ summer tour dates in the US and Finland, another news that will warm the cool hearts of Cats and Eyes fans around! The Heathen Apostles, Chopper Franklin’s dark country, doomfolk “home” band, have teamed up with the Helsinki vampire himself of 69 Eyes and 69 Cats fame, Jyrki 69 to release a special 4-track EP called Evil Spirits. The EP features two duets with lead Heathen vocalist Mather Louth, as well as two other killer tracks with Jyrki and Mather each taking the lead vocals. The EP will be available on August 28th via Ratched Blade Records, and those of you that will be at the 69 Cats shows in Finland can snag an early copy! Cover tintype by the amazing Allan Barnes.
2015 is truly another year of the vampires, cats, heathens… we love it!


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