Darkness 69 On September - 10 - 2015

On New Year’s Eve HIM, At The Hollow and DJ Jussi69 turn Tavastia & Semifinal into the garden of diabolical love. For one magickal night we are promised a coming of age like no other, a Sweet Sixteen party bittersweet & electric. For it will be the sixteenth time that HIM leads the New Year’s festivities at Helsinki’s number one rock venue, their spiritual home. All the way into 2016.
This will be the first gig for HIM on the home turf with the new drummer, Jukka “Kosmo” Kröger, while the Helsinki trio At The Hollow will travel once again between purity and death in their music landscape. Of course, DJ Jussi 69, who has been promised ‘a virtual carte blanche’ to be his own flamboyant self, will circle the wonderful evening for all the attendees!
For more info, visit http://www.tavastiaklubi.fi/uutiset/7829!

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