Darkness 69 On October - 27 - 2015

helsinkiintro_69Exactly 10 years ago tonight, I gathered my closest friends to a nearby internet cafe (yeah, it was a thing back then) to show them my new website for my favourite band and celebrate the first Bosnian website following The 69 Eyes – the eternal Helsinki Vampires. In the past ten years, I’ve traveled all across Europe to see Jyrki, Jussi, Timo-Timo, Bazie and Archzie spread their gothic rock magick on stage, I’ve met dearest friends, wasted dawns in Berlin, Helsinki, Vienna… I’ve tried to sum up my undying love for this band in last year’s Letter, and now, all I can say is: 2016 – another year of the vampires and their Bosnian-Herzegovinian lair too! Hey ho, let’s go! Can’t wait for the new album, tour and that familiar 69 madness! Until then, thank you, all you vampires out there for visiting the Bosnian Batcave of the 69 Eyes – and thank you, Helsinki Vampires! We’ll march on to the same dark fire! See you soon!

Oceans of dark love from

Ilhana/Darkness 69

(image: website intro in 2005)

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