Darkness 69 On August - 5 - 2006

From the graveyard behind the Bat Cave into the dark continent of Voodoo – its all Framed In Blood!


“ZOMBIE LOVE – Vampires, ghosts and The 69 Eyes”, old skool goth’n’roll art and comics collection by Jyrki 69, will be published on 23rd September in limited edition of 1000 pieces. As it says on myspace of the publisher, Deggael Communications, “While Zombie Love offers an exclusive peek into the esoteric mythology of the world famous Helsinki Vampire, it is first and foremost a long-overdue retrospective of his stunning vision of comics, rock’n’roll vampires, horror and sci-fi movies – Goths, glam punks and fetish freaks in the spirit of the 80s Helsinki underground rock scene.
For the first time, this album collects the gems of his graphic ART – some unpublished, some originally seen in obscure Finnish fanzines and underground comic books more than a decade ago.
Collection has 64 black/white pages with hardcover in colour,
and it’s possible to pre-order it.
“Zombie Love” is the reason why Jyrki will be a special guest at 21. Helsinki Comics Festival
on 23rd September. Visit the site of the festival here!

On official The 69 Eyes myspace blog, besides info about publishing of his collection of comics,
Jyrki 69 has announced that the new single “Perfect Skin”,
from the upcoming album “Angels”, will come out October/November this year,
with a couple of live tracks from their March sold out show at Whiskey A Go-Go,
and that the track list for the album is already finished.


 “Route 69” is a book of photographs that Ville Juurikkala, official photographer of the band,
has taken during the two years of travelling with The 69 Eyes. His work focuses on their first American tour,
and some of the photographs were presented in Club Midway in New York, 19.05. during O’Suomifest 2006.
Visit the official site of the photographer on www.villejuurikkala.com!

+ The 69 Eyes Croatian website has a new, slightly different domain now!
Visit their exceptional website on : www.the69-eyes.com,
or look under links to find their banner!

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