Darkness 69 On May - 31 - 2012

We already knew that Stockholm kills, and now

this truth has proven itself once more – The 69 Eyes are currently

in studio for their 10th studio masterpiece (hence the title “X”)

in Sweden’s capital! This time they’ve paired up with the Swedish

production team On The Verge to get that special

Scandinavian flare back into their music!

“The last album was recorded in Hollywood adding

that special L.A. glam flavor to our sound,” states Jyrki69.

“Now this time – as this album is our ‘Made in Sweden’ record –

our melodic, Scandinavian melancholy side is rising to the top!

(news courtesy of The 69 Eyes Twitter, Nuclear Blast & The 69 Eyes Croatia)

So far, two song titles are known: “I Love The Darkness In You”,
which we reported earlier, and “Rosary Blue”, a first ever duet

for The 69 Eyes – and with none other than famous L.A. tattoo

artist Kat Von D!

Now that we have our hearts at ease about the sound and being

overjoyous over the fact that the album, to be released by Nuclear Blast,

will be in the vein of “Blessed Be” and “Paris Kills”, all that is left is to

patiently wait until fall and catch The 69 Eyes in Europe this summer!

Also, be sure to catch up on our hardworking vampires by visiting their

Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest!

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