Darkness 69 On July - 4 - 2011

While autumn is reserved for heading to the studio, summer offers a bunch of
vampire action (and we’re not just talking about the new True Blood season) –

DJ Jyrki69 is back in town, this time spinning records all over the globe!
Intrepid Fox in London saw the first devilish set on June 25th, and
two more dates follow:

July 9th @ Fangtasia @ 1135 Decatur, New Orleans, USA
July 16th @ Undead Dark Club, Barcelona, Spain

He has also hosted his own Zombie Love Summer Club in June in Helsinki,
but the fun doesn’t end there! DJ Jussi 69 hosted a couple of parties
in Amsterdam and Kotka (Finland) – one more date awaits those
ready for some rock’n’roll fun:

July 16th, Vaasa

Since we can’t get enough of either of the Eyes, you can get plenty more
of Jussi 69 by listening to his award-winning summer show on Radio Rock
with other Finnish rock stars. Listen to
Jone & Kesäpojat from Monday
to Friday 11am to 3pm. Friday still has that special night taste of corpse –
“Jussin Rokkibaari”
(Jussi’s rockbar) runs 8pm to 10pm and reruns on Sundays.
Jussi’s ‘real’
Bar B
äkkäri in Helsinki has a hotter-than-hell ‘summerpartyaction’,

so be sure to check the events on the site and hell, just go there!


No, this isn’t blast from the past – this is Jyrki’s new summer hobby band
called Coconut Teaszers! Teaming up with Rane Raitsikka (hailing from
such bands as Smack and Hangmen), Jyrki will present the best rock’n’roll
bar band right now in Helsinki – on August 10th! We’re digging it!

p.s. Happy upcoming Birthday, Jussi!!!^^

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