Darkness 69 On June - 23 - 2017

Today, on June 23, Jyrki 69 is releasing his first solo album via Cleopatra Records. The album, titled “Helsinki Vampire“, will represent the trademark goth’n’roll sound of The 69 Eyes, enriched with darkly romantic atmosphere and texture. Jyrki’s vocals are seductive as ever, conveying the moonlike emotions through its captivating baritone evoking both Jim Morrison and Glenn Danzig.

Longtime The 69 Eyes collaborator Johnny Lee Michaels has produced, mixed and mastered the album, which means we can expect the classic, unmistakable Helsinki Vampires sound for our sensitive vampire ears! Also, several tracks have already appeared in new movie releases, such as the horror film “Sunset Society” (starring Lemmy from Motörhead) and “Halloween Hell House” (starring “21 Jump Street‘s Richard Grieco and the voice of Megadeth‘s Dave Mustaine).

“Helsinki Vampire” is released on both CD and vinyl, and you can buy it right here!

Track listing:

01. Ad Infinitum
02. Versailles
03. Spanish Steps
04. Bloodlust (from “Sunset Society”)
05. Last Halloween (from “Halloween Hell House”)
06. Happy Birthday
07. Call Of The Night
08. Perfection
09. Close Your Eyes (from “Close Your Eyes”)
10. In Your Dreams
11. Sayonara (CD only)

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